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Drivers of change
for a sustainable world

Drivers of change
for a sustainable world

Preserving the beauty of this planet for future generations

Orchard specialises in helping our partners communicate their sector’s value, win government support, access new markets, attract investment and amplify their R&D programmes to drive the growth of sectors that will most contribute to a sustainable world.


We work with and through partners and their members to influence whole sectors to catalyse change at scale.


We influence policy at the international, national, and local level to support sustainable industries in winning government support, accessing new markets and attracting investment.


We work hard to ensure that finance goes to businesses that truly support sustainability and low-carbon innovation.


We encourage investment in and promote game-changing research and innovation to help partners take their industry or business to the next level and drive change at the speed and scale required.


Our mission and values

Our goal at Orchard is to ensure we can live on this planet sustainably – but in order to achieve this, we need to effect change much faster than we are now. We want to help everyone recognise what Nature really does for us and how much it can show us – mathematical models, new medicines, and new ways of doing things – and why we need to protect and nurture it. We know it is vital that as a society we reduce our use of resources and learn to live sustainably on our planet Earth if we are to feed nine billion people, mitigate the worst effects of climate change, and ensure there is sufficient water for us all.

What we do

Focusing exclusively on sectors that will help achieve our goal, we support our partners to help drive those sectors forward. We specialise in helping our partners communicate their sector’s value, win government support, access new markets, attract investment and amplify their R&D programmes. We offer strategic advice, a full range of association management services (policy, membership, events, publications, and finance) and practical support to help our partners be as effective as possible.

Our partners

ADBA Website Logo


ADBA is the trade association for the anaerobic digestion (AD) industry in the UK and companies and organisations working on novel technologies and processes that complement the AD process and products. With its members it promotes the economic and environmental benefits of AD in the UK.



The World Biogas Association supports the growth of the global biogas industry. Its goal is to demonstrate to all – and in particular the governments and municipalities developing the policies to meet their country’s energy needs, climate change commitments and UN Sustainable Development Goals – that they need to put biogas at the heart of those plans.

Cleantech Logo


Cleantech Innovate showcases the latest in clean, low-carbon emerging innovations, connecting innovators with active funders, corporates, support agencies and the media. Cleantech Innovate provides developers with a golden chance to put their solutions in the limelight for potential funding and get the market intelligence required to achieve game-changing outcomes from their investments.

Green Gas Trading Ltd


Green Gas Trading provides a credible process for certifying biomethane and offers a platform for the trading of certificates to maximise the value of this exceedingly low-carbon, green gas at a market determined price.